The DC CFAR offers several funding opportunities to DC CFAR full investigators to support their HIV/AIDS research and to facilitate their success in seeking future NIH funding.

Pilot Awards Program

The Pilot Awards Program provides funding up to $50,000 on a competitive basis to HIV/AIDS investigators to assist them in establishing themselves as independent NIH-funded investigators. New requests for applications are released typically during the Fall and Spring. 


Microgrants provide funding up to $2,500 to cover the costs associated with use of select DC CFAR Core services, and with travel to scientific conferences for DC CFAR Pilot Awards and NIH CFAR Administrative Supplemental Award Recipients. These grants are ongoing for more information send fill out an eligibility form

NIH CFAR Administrative Supplements

NIH CFAR Administrative Supplements are funds provided by the NIH to supplement CFAR parent awards to support innovative research on HIV/AIDS. New CFAR Administrative Supplements opportunities are released during the Spring Cycle. 

Transitioning Investigator Awards Program

The DC CFAR Transitioning Investigator Awards Program aims to provide one-year pilot funding up to $100,000 on a competitive and invitation-only basis. This unique funding opportunity was released during the Fall of 2018 and Spring 2019. 

Rapid Response Research Awards on COVID-19 and HIV

The Rapid Response Research Awards on COVID-19 and HIV is a special cycle of pilot awards on COVID-19 and HIV which provide pilot funds to early stage and new HIV/AIDS investigators to collect preliminary data that will further our scientific understanding of the relationships between the coronavirus and HIV epidemics with an emphasis on Washington, DC. This unique funding opportunity was released during the Spring of 2020.

Acknowledge Funding and Services

Investigators who have already received funding or services through the center are encouraged to learn how to cite the DC CFAR in future publications.