Networking Opportunities

The Core seeks to ensure opportunities for networking and building collaborations both among social and behavioral scientists and between them and biomedical and clinical researchers.


To facilitate networking and research collaborations, the Core holds mixers that bring together investigators conducting SBS research or interested in learning more about doing so.  Mixers allow time for both individual interaction and group discussion of ongoing research, and research challenges and opportunities.

Community Meet and Greet

The Core periodically organizes community meet and greets where DC CFAR investigators can learn more about community based organizations or community resources in DC that are relevant to the conduct of social and behavioral research. Investigators can learn about potential research partners, locations for subject recruitment, types of services available to vulnerable populations and more.

Social and Behavioral Sciences-Focused City-Wide Seminars

In collaboration with the Administrative Core, the Social and Behavioral Sciences Core plans one or two city-wide seminars each year focused on social and behavioral research topics. These seminars bring together 50-100 DC CFAR investigators with representatives from governmental and non-governmental organizations across the city to hear prominent HIV/AIDS scientists from around the country present on new and innovative topics of interest.

Become a Member

Investigators interested in networking opportunities should become a member if not already. All events are announced in weekly member updates.