Scientific Advisory Committee

The Scientific Advisory Committee provides scientific expertise and guidance to the DC CFAR and its Cores. It is comprised of Directors and Core Directors from other CFARs across the country.

Committee Members

  • Chris Beyrer, MD, MPH, Co-Director, Johns Hopkins CFAR
  • Carlos del Rio, MD, FACP, Co-Director, Emory CFAR
  • James A. Hoxie, MD, Director, Penn CFAR at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Kenneth Mayer, MD, Associate Director, Developmental Core, Harvard CFAR
  • Luis Montaner, DVM, DPhil, Co-Director, Viral/Primary Cell Core, Penn CFAR at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Vinayaka Prasad, PhD, Professor, Department of Microbiology & Immunology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Michael S. Saag, MD, Director, UAB CFAR at the University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Paul A. Volberding, MD, Director, University of California at San Francisco CFAR
  • Gina Wingood, ScD, Director, Prevention Science Core, Emory CFAR