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The DC CFAR has 9 partner institutions that make up our center. Each partner institution has representatives that sit on our Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is the central governing body that considers all major DC CFAR scientific or structural changes and makes recommendations to the Director and Co-Directors.

A map showing the different partner institutions of the DC CFAR

CFAR Network

The DC CFAR is a part of a larger network of Centers for AIDS Research (CFARs) funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to provide scientific leadership and institutional infrastructure for HIV/AIDS research.

CFAR Network Map

Engagement in the DC CFAR

We encourage visitors and members to explore this site to learn more about the efforts of the DC CFAR to promote and support local, national and international HIV research.  Investigator members can learn more about core services offered, seminars, workshops, educational and mentoring activities.