Mission and Aims


The DC CFAR mission is to intensify our multi-institutional effort to promote and support research that contributes to ending the HIV epidemic in Washington, DC and beyond in partnership with government and community.


In order to successfully accomplish this mission, the DC CFAR is committed to:

  1. Providing scientific leadership and institutional infrastructure to advance HIV research among the eight collaborating DC CFAR institutions.
  2. Stimulating and supporting innovative and consequential HIV research in the basic, clinical, prevention and social and behavioral sciences while promoting an interdisciplinary approach to addressing the NIH high priority scientific HIV focus areas.
  3. Driving the development and recruitment of early stage, new, and women and minority HIV investigators.
  4. Enhancing communication and fostering meaningful new collaborations between DC CFAR investigators and academic, government, community and clinical partners.

The DC CFAR also contributes to the national CFAR mission, which is to support a multidisciplinary environment that promotes basic, clinical, epidemiologic, behavioral, and translational research in the prevention, detection, and treatment of HIV infection and the associated complications/comorbidities.