Social and Behavioral Sciences Core consultations are intended to stimulate innovative research and assist funding acquisition. They are available to all CFAR investigators, regardless of career stage.

Peer Group Consultations

On a monthly basis, the Core puts out a call for investigators interested to schedule a peer group consultation. Peer group consultations provide investigators an opportunity to get peer feedback on grant proposals, manuscripts and project implementation.

In addition, these consultations can assist early stage investigators, or investigators who have not previously engaged in NIH funded HIV/AIDS research, frame their research in ways that are compatible with NIH priorities. Peer group consultations are approximately two hours long and review two to four items per session.

Peer groups are comprised of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Core Director and Co-Director as well as Core Senior Scientists or additional investigators with relevant expertise as appropriate.  

Investigators who are receiving a consultation frequently participate as peer reviewers for other investigators in the session. Peer group consultations offer a unique and supportive learning environment and often serve as an opportunity for junior investigators to gain exposure to grant and manuscript writing and research implementation.

Consultations also provide networking opportunities. Participants receive a written summary of the feedback provided.

Expert Consultations

The Core offers individual expert consultations on an ongoing basis to all CFAR investigators conducting or seeking to conduct social and behavioral HIV/AIDS research.

Such consultations can be scheduled at any time by contacting the Core Director and can cover such topics as sampling, survey design and implementation, mixed methods data collection and analysis, review of grants and manuscripts, collection and analysis of qualitative data, identification of community partners and measurement and scales.

Request to Use Core Services

Investigators interested in peer group or expert consultations with the Social and Behavioral Sciences Core should complete the Core Services Request Form

Core Manager

Allison O'Rourke