Social and Behavioral Sciences Core consultations are intended to stimulate innovative research and assist funding acquisition. They are available to all CFAR investigators, regardless of career stage.

Expert Consultations

The Core offers individual expert consultations on an ongoing basis to all CFAR investigators conducting or seeking to conduct social and behavioral HIV/AIDS research. Consultations are opportunities for investigators to meet with SBS Core Leadership and SBS Senior Scientists to discuss grant ideas, manuscripts, and seek career guidance.

Consultations can assist investigators:

  • who have not previously engaged in NIH funded HIV/AIDS research identify areas of current research work that are compatible with NIH HIV priorities
  • with identifying next steps for continuing their research work whether that is moving from a CFAR pilot award to an NIH application or from a smaller NIH grant to a first R01
  • in interpreting NIH grant application feedback in preparation for a stronger resubmission
  • by providing career guidance
  • in finalizing publications prior to submission
  • with peer grant reviews to strengthen nearly finalized applications prior to submission

The SBS Core provides services to investigators to assist them with small contributions to their overall work. Services may include assistance with survey design, literature reviews, quantitative and qualitative data analyses, identification and connection with community partners, and measurement and scale identification and development.