Global SIG

The Global SIG creates a platform for collaboration, capacity building and the sharing of best practices between local and global investigators and programmatic actors to improve HIV related outcomes, leveraging the DC CFAR’s unique strengths in the global HIV arena, including those related to women and youth across resource constrained settings.

The Global SIG is co-led by DC CFAR investigator Natella Rakhmanina (Children’s National Hospital and GW) and DC CFAR CPC Member Khadijah Abdullah (RAHMA and Children’s National Hospital) serve as the Community Lead.


Julie Pulerwitz

Julie Pulerwitz, ScD

Academic Co-Lead


Joint Global and Women and HIV SIGs Virtual Seminar:"Assessing and Addressing Social Determinants of HIV among Female Sex Workers in the Dominican Republic and Tanzania through Community Empowerment-Based Responses"

Global SIG Virtual Seminar: "Progress on the Global HIV Response”

Global SIG Virtual Seminar: "Keeping Global Health in Focus: Updates from IAS"

DC CFAR Virtual Citywide Seminar "HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa in the Context of COVID-19"