Dr. Rakhmanina photo

Natella Rakhmanina, MD, PhD

Professor with Tenure, Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine and Health Sciences, The George Washington University; Director, HIV Services, Division of Infectious Diseases, Children’s National Health System; Senior Technical Advisor, EGPAF
Phone: 202-476-2083
Mobile: 202-448-8400
[email protected] or [email protected]

Current HIV/AIDS Research Activities:

  • Dr. Rakhmanina focuses her research on the treatment and prevention of HIV in children and adolescents. Dr. Rakhmanina is a successful clinical researcher and served as a principal investigator of NIH and CDC funded HIV studies.
  • Serves as the Site Principal Investigator at the Special Immunology Pediatric/Adolescent HIV program for the NIH/GWU funded research DC cohort study.
  • She is a Principal Investigator and Washington AIDS Partnership “The Integration of PrEP Services in Routine, Universal HIV/STI Screening of Adolescent and Young Women in the Pediatric Emergency Department at the United Medical Center”.
  • Serves as a Technical Lead on several EGPAF projects in Africa including Red Carpet Linkage to Care of Adolescents Program in Kenya and New Horizons Collaborative in Zambia, Kenya, Lesotho, Swaziland, Uganda and South Africa. 

Current HIV/AIDS Educational Activities:

  • Invited presenter at the multiple national and international HIV conferences, including Pediatric HIV Course of the American Academy of Pediatrics and International Workshop on Pediatric HIV among others.
  • Serves as preceptor for the M.P.H. program at GWU SPHHS.
  • Serves as  primary mentor to the DC CFAR faculty Ian Toma and Hilary Wolf and secondary mentor to Rachel Scott.

Current HIV/AIDS Clinical Activities:

  • Dr. Rakhmanina has more than 15 years of experience providing clinical care to HIV-infected children and adolescents.
  • Currently serves as a Program Director for the Special Immunology Services at Children's National Health System.
  • Serves as a Program Director for the Ryan White Funded Services at Children’s National Health System.
  • Serves as a Program Director of two Children’s National programs “Comprehensive HIV Testing and Linkage to Care: Routine HIV Screening in Hospital Settings” and “Integrated Treatment, Counseling and Prevention of HIV/STI at the Youth Reproductive Health Services at the United Medical Center Pediatric Emergency Department” sponsored by DC Department of Health.

Current HIV/AIDS Service Activities:

  • Member of the Committee on Pediatric AIDS at the American Academy of Pediatrics.
  • Serves as member of the US Department of Health and Human Services Panel on the Pediatric Antiretroviral Therapy and Management Guidelines at the Office of AIDS Research Advisory Council in National Institutes of Health.
  • Member of the Pediatric Advisory Working Group at the WHO.
  • Member of the Child Survival Committee, the Inter Agency Task Team on the Prevention and Treatment of HIV Infection in Pregnant Women, Mothers and Children at UNICEF.