Traditional Pilot Awards Pre-Submission Form

Please refer to the request for applications (RFA) (PDF) when completing the Pre-Submission Form. The deadline for submissions and contact information can be found within the RFA. 

Investigator Information

Academic Investigator

Select the title that most closely describes you primary professional role.
If you selected 'other' please indicate your preferred professional title or add an additional professional title if applicable.
Provide the names and institutional affiliations of all co-investigators.

Eligibility Information

Please indicate if you belong to the following groups. For more information on new and early stage investigator status, please visit the NIH website

Applies to an investigator who has not previously competed successfully as a PD/PI for an NIH independent research award such as an R01 or equivalent. A complete list of excluded awards is available on the NIH website.
Applies to New Investigators who are within ten years of completing their terminal research degree or medical residency.
Applies to investigators who began their appointment at a participating DC CFAR institution within the last two academic years.
If yes, please specify which group(s)

Application Details

New and early stage investigators are required to have a primary mentor. Established newly transitioning investigators are required to have a HIV collaborator.
Is your project in any of the DC CFAR Scientific Working Group (SWGs) or Scientific Interest Group (SIGs) focus areas? *
If yes, please specify all that apply.
Please visit the SWGs and SIGs site for more information.
Please review the Spring 2023 RFA to see the details for the co-sponsorship with the DC Cohort. Contact [email protected] as soon as possible.

Core Services

Learn more about the core services we provide to determine if you'd like to utilize any of them during the development of your research.

Project Documents

Project Description *
Please provide a 1-page description of your proposed project that includes the following: preliminary title, specific aims and brief description of the general approach. Acceptable extensions are .txt, .pdf, .doc and .docx.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: txt pdf doc docx.
NIH Biosketch *
Please provide your current NIH biosketch. Acceptable extensions are .txt, .pdf, .doc and .docx.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: txt pdf doc docx.

If you are having difficulties submitting the electronic form, please complete the form above in Microsoft Word, and email it along with your project description and biosketch to Lorena Segarra.