Biacore Molecular Interaction Shared Resource

The Biacore Molecular Interaction Shared Resource (BMISR) provides customized biomolecular analysis services. This technology involves the immobilization of a ligand on a sensor chip followed by delivery of an analyte by a microfluidic system.

Any protein, DNA, RNA, lipid, carbohydrate, polysaccharide, cell, virus, drug or drug-like molecule (organic or inorganic) can be used as the ligand or analyte.

Services and Instrumentation

The Biacore T-200 and Biacore 4000 instruments in the facility utilizes Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) technology to study biomolecular binding events. In addition to identifying binding partners to a target molecule, SPR also provides quantitative data on:

  • Specificity: How specific is the binding between two molecules?
  • Concentration: How much of a given molecule is present and active?
  • Kinetics: What is the rate of association and dissociation?
  • Affinity: How strong is the binding?
  • Thermodynamics: What is the enthalpy and entropy of the interaction?
  • Screening: Which chemical compounds are potential binders?


Dr. Aykut Üren is the Director of the BMISR at Georgetown University where he is also a Professor of Oncology.  Dr. Üren and laboratory staff are available to consult with DC CFAR investigators on the design and development of relevant grant applications.