Biacore Molecular Interaction Shared Resource

The Biacore Molecular Interaction Shared Resource (BMISR) provides customized biomolecular analysis services. This technology involves the immobilization of a ligand on a sensor chip followed by delivery of an analyte by a microfluidic system.

Any protein, DNA, RNA, lipid, carbohydrate, polysaccharide, cell, virus, drug or drug-like molecule (organic or inorganic) can be used as the ligand or analyte.

Services and Instrumentation

The Biacore T-200 and Biacore 4000 instruments in the facility utilizes Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) technology to study biomolecular binding events. In addition to identifying binding partners to a target molecule, SPR also provides quantitative data on:

  • Specificity: How specific is the binding between two molecules?
  • Concentration: How much of a given molecule is present and active?
  • Kinetics: What is the rate of association and dissociation?
  • Affinity: How strong is the binding?
  • Thermodynamics: What is the enthalpy and entropy of the interaction?
  • Screening: Which chemical compounds are potential binders?

To request core laboratory services, please complete the Core Service Request Form or contact the Core Manager.


Aykut Üren, MD, is the Director of the BMISR at Georgetown University where he is also a Professor of Oncology.  Dr. Üren and laboratory staff are available to consult with DC CFAR investigators on the design and development of relevant grant applications.

Core Manager

Ayo Awoyemi

[email protected] 

Laboratory Director

Aykut Üren, MD
Georgetown University
Research Building, Room E312
3970 Reservoir Road, NW
Washington, DC 20057-1469
[email protected]