Pilot Awards Recipients

The DC CFAR has funded a wide variety of research, including basic, clinical, epidemiologic, social behavioral and prevention HIV/AIDS science.

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Headshot of Dr. Bethel Woldu

Pilot Award Recipient: Bethel Woldu, MD, MPH

Dr. Woldu is a Fall 2023 DC CFAR Pilot Awardee and will investigate cardiac dysfunction in people living with HIV.

Headshot of Dr. Ellen Yeung

Pilot Award Recipient: Ellen Yeung, PhD

Dr. Yeung is a Fall 2023 DC CFAR Pilot Awardee and will investigate the impacts of alcohol misuse, chronic pain and cognitive function in people living with HIV

Headshot of Dr. Randi Williams

Pilot Award Recipient: Randi Williams, PhD, MPH

Dr. Williams is a Fall 2023 DC CFAR Pilot Awardee and will investigate lung cancer control strategies for people living with HIV

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Pilot Award Recipient: Xiping Zhan, PhD

Studies suggest that HAND results from HIV replication in the brain which induces neurodegeneration, particularly in subcortical structures such as striatum, which is extremely vulnerable.

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Pilot Award Recipient: Seshagiri Rao Nandula, PhD

Seshagiri Rao Nandula, PhD has received a pilot award to study the effect of HIV medications on cardiometabolic health in African American Veterans.

Pilot Award Recipient: Michael Anthony Thomas, PhD

Despite significant advancements made in treatment, in 2021 about 650 thousand people died from HIV related causes.

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Pilot Award Recipient: Derek Dangerfield II, PhD

PrEP initiation must be substantially improved among young Black sexual minority men (SMM) to meet the goals of the Ending the HIV Epidemic (EHE) Plan for 2030.

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Pilot Award Recipient: Kellan Baker, PhD, MPH, MA

The proposed study will use quantitative data from EMR chart review and qualitative data from semistructured interviews to assess evidence for health care delivery models that leverage gender-...

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Pilot Award Recipient: Lee Campbell, PhD

The current opioid epidemic has seen the rise of fentanyl among people who inject drugs (PWID) and has led to unprecedented challenges in the management and recovery of these individuals.

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Pilot Award Recipient: Georges Haddad, PhD

The pandemic of the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome due to the lentiviral retrovirus, Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (HIV-1) is still affecting millions of people.