Flow Cytometry and Cellular Immunology

The Flow Cytometry and Cellular Immunology Laboratory provides technical expertise and advice for the analysis, design, development and implementation of procedures to assess immune cell subsets and other biomarkers associated with immune system functional status.

The lab is located within the Flow Cytometry Facility at the George Washington University.  

Services and Instrumentation

  • FACSAria high speed cell sorter
  • FACSCalibur DxP8 and FACScan analyzers equipped with 488 nm, 637 nm and 407 nm lasers capable of discrimination of 8 flourochromes
  • Data analysis work stations equipped with FlowJo analysis software (v7.6.5) from Tree Star


The Flow Cytometry and Cellular Immunology Laboratory is directed by Dr. David Leitenberg, who has extensive expertise in basic and translational studies of immune cell function.

He is the Director of the Clinical Immunology Laboratory at Children's National Medical Center. Dr. Leitenberg is available to consult with DC CFAR investigators on the design and development of cellular immunology sections of grant applications.