2nd National Working Group Meeting

Implementation Science to Address the Challenges of the HIV Continuum of Care

In February 2014, the 2nd National Working Group Meeting was held in Washington, D.C. with 85 participants from all 19 CFARs, 15 DOHs and all five AIDS Prevention Centers (APCs) to present results of the ECHPP-2 and APC-1 projects.

Monday, February 3, 2014

HIV Continuum of Care Working Group and Research

Michael Kharfen, Senior Deputy Director, DC Department of Health HAHSTA

CFAR Continuum of Care Working Group Update, Meeting Goals and Review of Agenda (PDF)
Alan Greenberg, GW SPHHS, Director DC D-CFAR

Discussion Moderator: Andrew Forsyth, HHS

CDC ECHPP and Continuum of Care Initiatives (PDF)
David Purcell, CDC

NIH Perspectives on CFAR/APC Continuum of Care Initiative (PDF)
Cynthia Grossman, NIMH

Current Status of HIV Continuum of Care Research (PDF)
Carlos Del Rio, Emory CFAR

Formative Research on the HIV Continuum of Care

Washington, D.C.

Measuring Engagement and Retention in HIV Care in Washington, D.C.
Amanda Castel, GW SPHHS, DC D-CFAR


Geographic Factors Associated with Treatment Participation and Viral Suppression (PDF)
David Metzger, Penn CFAR; Kathleen Brady and Michael Eberhart, AIDS Activity Coordinating Office, Philadelphia DOPH

New York City

A Multi-method Study of Barriers and Facilitators of Engagement in HIV Primary Care (PDF)
Laurie Bauman, Einstein-Montefiore CFAR; Robert Remien, HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies, Columbia University


Barriers and Implications of Sub-optimal Retention to HIV Medical Care in One of Miami-Dade’s Largest HIV Outpatient Clinics (PDF)
Allan Rodriguez, Miami CFAR


Couples Voluntary HIV Counseling and Testing for MSM in Atlanta: Developing a Couplesfocused Continuum of HIV Care (PDF)
Robert Stephenson, Emory CFAR


A Retrospective Analysis of Routine Opt-Out Testing for HIV Infection in the Harris County Hospital District (PDF)
Thomas Giordano, Baylor-UT CFAR


Examining the Role of HIV Lab Surveillance Data to Help Track Engagement in HIV Care (PDF)
Ronald Lubelchek, Chicago D-CFAR

Los Angeles

Participatory Development of Technology-Based Support Tools for a Newly Implemented, DOPH Funded, Medical Care Coordination Model For Improved Retention on the Treatment Cascade (PDF)
Dallas Swendeman, UCLA CFAR; Center for HIV Identification, Prevention & Treatment Services

San Francisco

Enhancing Care Engagement and Re-engagement (PDF)
Edwin Charlebois, UCSF CFAR

Examining Clinic-Based and Public Health Approaches to Ascertainment of HIV Care Status (PDF)
Katerina Christopoulos, UCSF CFAR

Washington, D.C.

JAIDS Supplement Discussion (PDF)
Alan Greenberg, GW SPHHS, DC D-CFAR; Rebecca Barasky, GW SPHHS, DC D-CFAR

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Panel Discussion

New Haven

New Focus on Implementation Science in Small Urban Areas
Paul Cleary, Yale Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS


CAIR’s Pilot Study Examining Successes and Failures in Linkage and Care Retention from the Perspectives of Health Department Staff, Care Providers, and PLH in Wisconsin
Jeff Kelly, Medical College of Wisconsin Center for AIDS Intervention Research

San Francisco

Retention in Care during Implementation of Health Care Reform
Steve Morin, Center for AIDS Prevention Studies; UCSF CFAR

New York City

Immediate ART: Acceptability among Patients and Impact on the Treatment Cascade
Robert Remien, HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies, Columbia University

Los Angeles

Patient Engagement and Activation Using Mobile Phone Self-Monitoring, Automated Messaging, and Web-Based Visualization for Counseling Support with High-Risk / High-Acuity Patients
Dallas Swendeman, CHIPTS; UCLA CFAR

Perspectives on the Future of Continuum of Care Research

Moderator: Alan Greenberg, GW SPHHS, DC D-CFAR

Discussants: Tim Horn, Treatment Action Group (TAG); Lisa Metsch, Columbia University (Miami ECHPP project); Marsha Martin, Urban Coalition for HIV/AIDS Prevention Services (UCHAPS)


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