CFAR HIV Continuum of Care Working Group

The CFAR HIV Continuum of Care Working Group, formerly known as the CFAR Enhanced Comprehensive HIV Prevention Planning (ECHPP) Working Group, is a highly productive and interactive inter-CFAR Working Group founded and led by the DC CFAR.

The goal of this Working Group, formed in 2011, is to promote the conduct of HIV implementation science research by CFAR investigators in collaboration with their local Departments of Health.

Locally, this work has helped to strengthen our existing partnership with the DC Department of Health and improve our understanding of the HIV continuum of care.

CFAR Administrative Supplements

The ECHPP-1 supplements ($1.5M) were awarded in September 2011 to support CFAR investigators in the nine highest AIDS prevalence cities (Atlanta, Chicago, DC, Houston, LA, Miami, NYC, Philadelphia and San Francisco) to collaborate with their local DOHs to conduct research on HIV prevention and care interventions in support of the ECHPP initiative.

The ECHPP-2 supplements ($1.5M) were awarded to the nine CFARs in August 2012 to support implementation science focused on the HIV care continuum - including HIV testing, linkage to care, retention and re-engagement in care, and adherence to ARVs. The ECHPP-3 supplements were awarded in summer 2013 to investigators at 10 CFARs to develop pilot interventions with their local DOHs to address the HIV continuum of care. Two ECHPP-4 supplements were recently awarded in summer 2014.

The first two supplements were awarded as subcontracts through the DC CFAR, and the third and fourth were awarded directly by the NIH.

National CFAR/APC Meetings

The DC CFAR has sponsored two national meetings of the CFAR HIV Continuum of Care Working Group.

The meetings provide a forum for networking and collaboration for CFAR, DOH and NIMH-supported AIDS Prevention Center (APC) investigators, as well as a platform for the presentation of progress and results of the NIH-supported HIV Continuum of Care research projects. 

Journal of AIDS (JAIDS) Supplements

The first JAIDS supplement was published in November 2013 and included articles summarizing results from the ECHPP-1 projects from the nine CEWG cities. A second JAIDS supplement was published in May 2015, which summarized results from the ECHPP-2 and APC-1 projects. The third JAIDS supplement was published in February 2017, and highlighted the work of academic investigators from 7 cities, 4 of which included coauthors from local public health departments, conducting research on the HIV continuum of care.

Learn More About the Working Group

For more information on the CFAR Continuum of Care Working Group, please contact DC CFAR Senior Research Program Manager Brandi Robinson at [email protected].


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