History of the DC CFAR

Timeline of DC CFAR History and Progression with different stages of logo development

2005 HIV/AIDS Institute

In 2005, George Washington University (GW) provided seed funding to create the HIV/AIDS Institute, led by Dr. Greenberg and Dr. Gary Simon, convening 17 HIV investigators initially from GW, Children’s National Health System (Children’s) and the Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC), and soon after from Georgetown University (GU) and Howard University (HU). The HIV/AIDS Institute sponsored research seminars, promoted scientific collaborations and began a competitive pilot awards program that required co-investigators from at least two different institutions to stimulate multi-disciplinary collaboration.

2010 DC D-CFAR

In 2010, the NIH awarded funding to establish the DC Developmental CFAR (DC D-CFAR). The DC D-CFAR served a membership of 190 investigators, developed a wide array of Core services, awarded 27 pilot applications for $1.1M, received 52 new NIH awards, sponsored 12 citywide and 46 core seminars and webinars, competed for 12 administrative supplements for $4.8M and led the inter-CFAR ECHPP work group.

2015 - DC CFAR

In 2015, the DC D-CFAR successfully competed for funding to establish the DC CFAR, a full CFAR. The DC CFAR serves a membership of 246 investigators, provides a wide array of Core services, awarded 68 pilot applications for $3M, received 110 new NIH awards, sponsored numerous citywide, seminars and webinars. In 2020, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) renewed the DC CFAR with a project period of June 2020 to May 2025.

DC CFAR Launch in 2015: