The DC CFAR promotes and supports a wide range of HIV research at multiple institutions as well as investigators from a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines.

Scientific Focus Areas

Scientific focus areas are priority areas of research that the DC CFAR actively supports.

Scientific Working Groups

Scientific working groups bring together investigators from diverse fields who share common research interests and goals related to HIV/AIDS and collaborate in seeking NIH funding and other research activities.

Affiliated Clinical Research Sites, Programs and Centers

Affiliated clinical research sites, programs and centers are research entities that are DC-based, independently funded (largely by the NIH) and have established affiliations with the DC CFAR.

CFAR HIV Continuum of Care Working Group

The CFAR HIV Continuum of Care Work Group was formed in 2011 and aims to promote the conduct of HIV implementation science research by CFAR investigators in collaboration with their local Departments of Health (DOH).