The DC CFAR promotes and supports a wide range of HIV research at multiple institutions as well as investigators from a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines.

Scientific Focus Areas

Scientific focus areas are priority areas of research that the DC CFAR actively supports which are aligned with the NIH priorities for HIV research as well as local needs. Current NIH- and DC CFAR-supported research includes:

  • Reduce the Incidence of HIV
  • Develop Next-Generation HIV Therapies
  • Research Toward HIV Cure
  • Address HIV-Associated Comorbidities, Coinfections, and Complications
  • Cross-Cutting Research

DC CFAR-Funded Research

Scientific Working Groups

Scientific Working Groups (SWGs) bring together community members and investigators from across DC from diverse fields who share common research interests and goals related to HIV/AIDS to collaborate in seeking NIH funding and other research activities. Currently, the DC CFAR supports two SWGs on Aging & Comorbidities and HIV Persistence & Cure research. For more information contact regarding our SWGS, please email [email protected].

Scientific Interest Groups

Scientific Interest Groups (SIGs) convene community members and investigators with similar research interests and provide a forum to facilitate collaborations across DC CFAR institutions and organizations. Please email [email protected] for more information.

Inter-CFAR Collaborations

The DC CFAR works collaboratively with fellow NIH-funded CFARs to promote and advance HIV research. Learn more about current inter-CFAR collaborations.

CFAR Publications

A list of recent publications by DC CFAR investigators that cite the CFAR is available through PubMed.