Basic Sciences Core Virtual Events Recording

Isoplexis Open House

The DC CFAR Basic Sciences Core Virtual Lab Open House on April 8 featured a presentation from Mr. Jonathan Green and Dr. Tiffany Coupet on the Isoplexis instrument, titled "Accelerating the Next Generation of Immune Medicine with Cellular Proteomics at DC-CFAR."

Seminar Series Featuring Dr. Marina Jerebtsova

This 'Seminar Series’ on March 23 featured DC CFAR Pilot Award Recipient Dr. Mariana Jerebtsova (HU) and her award titled “Impaired Pulmonary Macrophage Migration in HIV-Tg Mouse Model of Lung Injury."

Lynch Lab Open House

The DC CFAR Basic Sciences Core Virtual Lab Open House on November 18 featured a presentation from DC CFAR HIV Cure Scientific Working Group Co-lead Dr. Rebecca Lynch (GW) on the Digital PCR Instrument' aka 'Lynch Lab'. 


Seminar Series Featuring Dr. Xionghao Lin

This 'Seminar Series’ on October 15 featured DC CFAR Pilot Award Recipient Dr. Xionghao Lin (HU) and his paper titled “Structural Optimization of 2,3-Dihydro-1H-cyclopenta[ b]quinolines Targeting the Noncatalytic RVxF Site of Protein Phosphatase 1 for HIV-1 Inhibition."


Imaging Mass Cytometry Open House

This Open House on September 23, 2021 was a seminar focused on the Imaging Mass Cytometry and other applications of the CyTOF. It included a presentation by Fluidigm Corporation’s Chief Science Officer Andrew Quong and Georgetown University Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Ivana Peran. Core facility workflow and service requests were also discussed.


Basic Sciences Core Virtual Research Day

The DC CFAR Basic Sciences Core Virtual Research Day on August 20, 2021 brought together Basic Sciences Core service providers and other Basic Sciences HIV investigators to present their services and research to members of the DC CFAR community. See the agenda for additional details.