DC CFAR Institutional Members Participating in Two Studies on Reducing Risk and Improving Treatment Outcomes

Children's, Hopkins, and Whitman-Walker Logos
December 20, 2018
DC CFAR institutional members, Children's National Medical Center and Whitman-Walker Health, are working with members of the Chesapeake CFAR Consortium on two studies focusing on preventing HIV infection in youth and in improving adherence in those already infected.  The first study is the PUSH Study, a three-city sexual health study with the goal of understanding how to best identify and engage adolescents and young adults in sexual health care.  The second study is the Tech2Check study which focuses on HIV infected youth (12-25 years) who are having difficulty maintaining a suppressed viral load. 
These R01 research interventions focus on adolescents and young adults ages 12-25 to address adherence and improve health outcomes in youth living with or at risk for HIV.  Enrollment is currently underway, and in both studies, patients remain enrolled with home institution and practice. Click here for more information.