Wallace Corbett

Wallace Corbett
Commissioner Metropolitan Washington Regional HIV Health Services Planning Council

I am a HIV prostate cancer survivor. I was diagnosed in the fall of 2015 and had my total prostatectomy in 2016 and was the most traumatic event of my life……but I am a survivor.

I currently serve Community Advisory Committee of the DC CFAR District of Columbia Center for AIDS Research at George Washington University. Also a member of the George Washington Cancer Malignancy committee through the DC CFAR. An active member of George Washington Gay Lesbian Transgender Cancer CAB and the lead on Community Engagement. I am currently a commissioner and pass Chairperson of the Metropolitan Regional Health Services Planning Council which is federal mandated body that allocates some $32 million dollars for emergency HIV/AIDS care services in Washington DC, Sub. Maryland, Northern Virginia and West Virginia. I am the founder and Chairperson of the cycling team Brother to Brother Sister to Sister United an African American cycling team that has raised over a million dollars for HIV/AIDS services in the District of Columbia through the AIDS RIDES as a non-profit and continues to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and cycling! I am the Chairperson of OUR HERORES Exhibit, the largest photos exhibit in the United States on the history of HIV/AIDS in the District of Columbia. This collection is now the property of the Martin Luther King Library Historic Collections! I also served on the board of Whitman Walker Clinic and  Max Robinson Center.Wallace works in the Department of Radiology at George Washington Hospital for over 23 years.I go to the Metropolitan Community Church in NW DC, where he serves on the HIV Wellness Center for the OLDER ABULT MINISTRY. 

I owe my life to my Faith and the love of my family and True friendship but most important THE ACTS OF KINDNESS!