Sheila Brockington, Family Medical and Counseling Services

Sheila Brockington

Sheila P. Brockington is a social services professional with over sixteen years of service with Family Medical Counseling Services, Inc (FMCS).  Brockington has served in several roles at FMCS and currently holds the position as Director of Community Engagement, Agency Marketing Management. In this role she is responsible for creating and developing culturally sensitive marketing materials that directly falls in line with the agency’s mission and commitment to patient care. In addition, she creates and tests innovative methods and approaches to a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model that is used for federal and locally funded programs. Brockington oversees specific implemented techniques and apply promising new concepts, methods, and systems to enhance or improve agency services. Under her direction FMCS teams prepare databases to generate adequate grant and project reports for executive management.

She is also the person responsible for organizing and preparing required management reports for program-based projects and grants essentially for grant sustainability. Her work in making sure that that the appropriate analytical/statistical work products and reports that are designed to ensure access to medical care and promote better clinical outcomes are invaluable.

Her ability to prepare and present complex written materials to transmit project and funding information to outside community boards and associations, such as: The Ward 8 Health Council, The Ward 7 Health Alliance and the Anacostia Coordinating Council is essential to the agency’s mission.

Brockington’s dedication and long-standing tenure with the agency speaks to her commitment in doing work to support black people and other people of color in marginalized communities throughout the city. A native of Washington, DC she is also a dedicated mother of two and grandmother of five. She enjoys hand-dancing and spending time with her family.