Register Today! DC CFAR Developmental Core Journal Club Webinar with Dr. Ezer Kang

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October 18, 2017

Please join us for the DC CFAR Developmental Core Webinar Journal Club. The webinar session is scheduled for Thursday, November 9th from 12-1 pm.

The webinar will include a short (5-10 minutes) synopsis of a recent publication chosen by a lead investigator who will moderate the session. Respondents from different disciplines will then provide their perspectives, with ample time given for open discussion and exploration of possible collaborations for future research initiatives. The webinar format will also allow for the recording of our discussions for future reference or for those unable to participate at a given session.

Dr. Ezer Kang, from Howard University and the DC CFAR Social and Behavioral Sciences Core, will lead the November 9th Journal Club session. The article he has chosen for discussion is:

Article Selection: Bauer, Greta R., et al. "Transgender-inclusive measures of sex/gender for population surveys: Mixed-methods evaluation and recommendations." PLOS ONE (2017).

Dr. Deborah Goldstein, from Whitman-Walker Health, will respond to the article from a clinical and population sciences perspective, and Dr. Mimi Ghosh, from GWU, will respond from a basic sciences perspective.

Click here to read the full article.

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