Patrick J. Hanley, PhD

Photo of Dr. Hanley

Patrick J. Hanley, PhD

Chief & Director, Cellular Therapy Program, Children's National; Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Center for Cancer and Immunology Research, The George Washington University


Office Phone: (202) 476-3627
111 Michigan Ave NW, Cellular Therapy Laboratory, 3.5 Main room 230 Washington 20010

Current HIV/AIDS Research Activities:

  • Dr. Hanley is currently an investigator in the Martin Delaney Collaboratory, a collaboration of multiple institutions worldwide tasked with finding a cure for HIV/AIDS. Specifically, he is focused on manufacturing HIV-specific T cell products for clinical use
    in the Cellular Therapy Laboratory at Children's National Health System, a facility dedicated to translating cellular therapy products to patients. Dr. Hanley also serves as a Co-I on a cure focused R01 with collaborators Cath Bollard (CNMC) and David Margolis (UNC).