NIH Center for Scientific Review (CSR) Develops New Study Sections for Spring 2018 Review Meetings

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June 19, 2018

DC CFAR investigators are encouraged to review the below announcement about the reorganization of the NIH HIV study sections as they will impact the review of future grant applications:

"In September 2017, CSR's Advisory Council endorsed a plan to reconfigure CSR's nine AIDS and AIDS Related study sections into six new study sections. As the Center worked to implement the plan, it discovered more work needed to be done.

After much discussion between CSR/NIH staff and external experts, CSR has developed a new set of study sections that responds to emerging changes in the fields and priorities set by the NIH Office of AIDS Research:
  • HIV Molecular, Virology, Cell Biology and Drug Development (HVCD)
  • HIV Immunopathogenesis and Vaccine Development (HIVD)
  • HIV Comorbidities and Clinical Studies (HCCS)
  • HIV Coinfections and Associated Cancers (HCAC)
  • HIV/AIDS Individual Level Determinants and Behavioral Interventions (HIBI)
  • Epidemiologic, Population, and Public Health Approaches to HIV/AID (EPPH)
CSR's Council endorsed these new study sections, and CSR will start implementing them for spring 2018 review meetings with full implementation for the fall 2018 review meetings."1