New Publication from DC CFAR Investigators, Maria Cecilia Zea, PhD, and Nina Yamanis, PhD

August 13, 2018


Drs. Maria Cecilia Zea and Nina YamanisDC CFAR investigators Maria Cecilia Zea, PhD and Nina Yamanis, PhD, along with their colleagues, have published an article in The Lancet HIV entitled, "Enhanced immigration enforcement in the USA and the transnational continuity of HIV care for Latin American  immigrants in deportation proceedings".

This article discusses increased anxiety associated with the possibility of deportation and disruptions in care among immigrants living with HIV. The authors discuss the increased frequ
ency of immigrant patients asking about HIV treatment options and access in their home countries, as well as maintaining uninterrupted care while being held in detention or deported to their home countries, and examine the effect of increased immigration enforcement on the health and well-being of HIV infected immigrants. Additionally, the authors pinpoint specific periods of particular vulnerability for HIV positive immigrants during deportation proceedings, and provide recommendations for clinicians, immigration officials and public health institutions in the United States and in receiving countries.