New Publication from DC CFAR Investigator, Kim Blankenship, PhD

Dr. Kim Blankenship Photo
November 08, 2018
DC CFAR investigator, Kim Blankenship, PhD, along with her colleagues has published an article in Social Science & Medicine entitled, "Mass incarceration, race inequality, and health: Expanding concepts and assessing impacts on well-being".
The article discusses a study that examined how individuals experience with mass incarceration differs by race, and the impacts of mass incarceration on measures of well-being that are major social determinants of health. The authors found that there were important differences in the criminal justice system experiences and histories by race, with Blacks having a higher average number of adult incarcerations compared to whites, a longer first sentence, and more likely to be imprisoned as a juvenile and spend time in an adult facility as a juvenile. Additionally, they found that these differences in incarceration experiences were also associated with differences by race in reports of the impact of involvement in the criminal justice system.
Click here to read the full article.