New Publication from DC CFAR Investigator, Amanda Macedo, PhD

Dr. Amanda Macedo Photo
July 09, 2018

DC CFAR investigator, Amanda Macedo, PhD, along with her colleagues, has published an article in AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses entitled, "Influence of biological sex, age and HIV status in an in vitro primary cell model of HIV latency using a CXCR4 tropic virus".

The article looks at primary cell models of HIV latency as tools for understanding the mechanisms behind establishing latency, and testing pre-clinical hypotheses towards finding a cure for HIV.  The models also provide an opportunity to examine the role of biological sex, age and HIV status on the establishment and reactivation of latent HIV in vitro.  The researchers used models in which latently infected central memory CD4 T cells were infected with the CXCR4-strain HIV-1NL4-3 to address whether these variables influence: i) HIV-1NL4-3 replication, ii) establishment of latency, and iii) latency reversal in CD4 T cells.  Findings included further characterization of the TCM model of latency regarding biological sex and age, demonstrating that this model is suitable for use with cells isolated from aviremic participants. This opens the opportunity to use this primary cell model to address cure approaches including 'shock and kill' in HIV-infected individuals.  


Click here to read the full article.