New CFAR Supplemental Funding Opportunities - Concept Sheets due March 30

March 01, 2018

The NIH has announced the 2018 CFAR supplement opportunities in the following scientific areas:

  1. Basic Research on HIV Infection and Persistence
  2. Infant Immunity for HIV Vaccine Development
  3. Studies to Delineate Sex Differences in the Incidence of Heart, Lung, Blood, and Sleep Comorbidities in People Living with HIV
  4. Formative Research on Behavioral Aspects of Novel Biomedical HIV Prevention and Treatment Regimens
  5. The Evolving Opioid Epidemic and its HIV Consequences
  6. Implementation of Evidence-Based HIV Interventions and Treatments for Health Disparity Populations

Click here to find the supplement announcement.

Please note: This opportunity is available to DC CFAR full investigator members. The announcement requires that either an early career investigator or an investigator new to HIV be the supplement PI.

Because we are only allowed to submit one application per award opportunity, we are requesting that interested applicants submit a 1-page concept sheet to us by March 30. These will be reviewed to identify applicants to develop full applications for submission to the NIH. The deadline for invited full applications is May 7.

Concept sheets should include the following: proposed title, listing of any co-investigators and/or mentors, specific aims, background, approach, and significance of expected findings or results. Concept sheets should not exceed one page, single spaced, and should be submitted to [email protected].

Please let us know if you have further questions.