Marcos Perez-Losada, PhD, MS

Photo of Marcos Perez-Losada
Associate Professor, Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, Milken Institute School of Public Health, The George Washington University
800 22nd Street NW
Washington, District Of Columbia 20052
[email protected]
Faculty Profile

Current HIV/AIDS Research Activities:

I am an evolutionary and computational biologist working on applied issues in translational medicine. My research focuses on the molecular and epidemiological dynamics of microbes related to human illnesses and how these microbes interact with their hosts during health and disease. Towards this goal, I use a systems biology approach to integrate genomic, metagenomic and metatranscriptomic data from microbial communities, including pathogens, with transcriptomic, clinical and demographic data from their human hosts. I have a broad background in biology with an emphasis on molecular and computational biology, and specific training and expertise in next-generation sequencing technologies and bioinformatics. My current research focuses in two areas: molecular epidemiology of HIV and systems biology of host-microbe interactions in respiratory illnesses.