Kendall Moody, PhD (He/Him)

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Kendall Moody, PhD (He/Him)

Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, Howard University


Current HIV/AIDS-Related Research Activities:

  • Funded by VIIV healthcare, Dr. Moody is part of a research team aimed to mitigate, and ultimately eradicate, the stigma associated with HIV. Using an intervention called "photovoice" individuals living with HIV are provided a platform for storytelling to investigate whether this intervention is associated with positive health outcomes.

Current HIV/AIDS-Related Educational Activities:

  • Most recently, Dr. Moody has taken part in presenting his grant-funded project at the International Conference on Stigma.

Current HIV/AIDS-Related Service Activities:

  • Monthly, Dr. Moody meets with a team of mentors living with HIV who provide mentorship to the participants of a grant-funded study.