Jonathon Rendina

Headshot of Dr. Johnathon Rendina

Jonathon Rendina

M.P.H., Ph.D.

Senior Director of Research, Whitman-Walker Health


Office Phone: 610-329-2537

Official Appointments

  • Senior Director of Research, Whitman-Walker Health 
  • Associate Research Professor, Department of Epidemiology, Milken Institute School of Public Health, George Washington University

Current HIV/AIDS-Related Research Activities:

  • Principal Investigator (PI): Understanding Viral Suppression for Newly Diagnosed HIV+ Men to Inform Implementation of TasP and U=U (R01-AI150502, MPI: Rendina & Talan)
  • Principal Investigator (PI): Testing a biopsychosocial model of minority stress and health for HIV-positive men (R01-MH114735, PI: Rendina)
  • Principal Investigator (PI): Examining modifiable psychosocial predictors of HIV seroconversion in a large nationwide cohort of high risk men (UH3-AI133674, PI: Rendina)
  • Principal Investigator (PI): Optimizing event-level measurement of intersectional stigma for young sexual minority men (R21-MH121311, PI: Rendina)
  • Co-Primary Mentor: The Role of Intersectional Stigma and Social Anxiety in Substance Use and HIV Risk for Young Men of Color (F31-DA052229, PI: Cienfuegos Szalay)
  • Co-Primary Mentor: Examining a Biopsychosocial Model of Neurocognitive Health for HIV-positive Sexual Minority Men (F31-MH124509, PI: Weaver)
  • Co-Mentor: The impact of alcohol on PrEP adherence in vulnerable men (K01-AA029407, PI: Westmoreland)
  • Primary Mentor: Early Career Faculty Diversity Supplement to Dr. Gabriel Robles Alberto to Examining Modifiable Psychosocial Predictors of HIV Seroconversion in a Large Nationwide Cohort of High Risk Men (UH3-AI133674-04S1; PI: Rendina)
  • Co-Mentor: Optimizing an IMB-guided intervention to support HIV self-testing and PrEP uptake among YMSM: A pilot factorial RCT (K01-MH118939; PI: John)