Douglas F. Nixon named as a Co-Director of the DC CFAR

DC CFAR Co-Directors
February 08, 2017
The DC CFAR is pleased to announce that Dr. Douglas F. Nixon will join Dr. Alan Greenberg (Director) and Dr. Gary Simon (Co-Director) as Co-Director of the District of Columbia Center for AIDS Research (DC CFAR). The addition of Dr. Nixon to the DC CFAR leadership team reflects the increasing focus of the DC CFAR on basic science research.  The CFAR has become increasingly engaged in HIV cure research through the NIH Martin Delaney BELIEVE Collaboratory, for which Dr. Nixon serves as PI. In addition to BELIEVE, Dr. Nixon is PI of three NIH-funded R Series grants: A Novel APOBEC-Based Vaccine Approach for HIV (R33), Elimination of HIV Using HERV Specific T Cells (R01), and HIV Induced Anti-Cancer HERV Immunity in Prostate, Breast and Colon Cancers (R01).

Together with Dr. Greenberg and Dr. Simon, Dr. Nixon will provide leadership to the DC CFAR's city-wide efforts to support and promote HIV/AIDS research and researchers in Washington DC and beyond.  Please join us in congratulating Dr. Nixon.