Directors’ Meeting (Closed meeting)

Friday, November 3, 2017
8:00 am – 3:00 pm
Dupont Circle Hotel, 1500 New Hampshire Ave., NW
Dupont Ballroom

This annual meeting of the CFAR Directors gathered the CFAR leadership along with the NIH co-funding and participating Institutes and Centers for interactive sessions with a focus on the theme of the National CFAR Meeting, Conducting HIV Research in Partnership with Government and Community.

Meeting Agenda

8:00-8:30 am


Registration and Breakfast – in Bar Dupont

8:30-8:35 am


Welcome from Meeting Moderator

Alan Greenberg, DC CFAR

8:35-10:05 am


Session #1: NIH Updates

Co-moderators: Carl Dieffenbach, NIH, Geraldina Dominguez, NIH

Trans-NIH HIV Research Portfolio and Future Directions: Maureen Goodenow, NIH
News on Grants Policy: Carl Dieffenbach, NIH
CFAR Program Updates: Ann Namkung, NIH
Rapid Fire CFAR Steering Committee (IC) Updates

10:05-10:15 am


Session #2: CFAR Executive Committee Update

Co-Moderators: Bruce Walker HU CFAR, King Holmes, UW/Fred Hutch CFAR

10:15-10:30 am


Coffee Break

10:30-11:15 am


Session #3: Rapid Fire CFAR Highlights

CFAR Directors

11:15-12:00 pm


Session #4: Leveraging CFAR-DOH Collaborations: Approaches and Lessons Learned

Co-Moderators: Alan Greenberg, DC CFAR, David Purcell, CDC

Michael Kharfen, DC CFAR & DC DOH
Carlos del Rio, Emory CFAR
Brian Mustanski, Third Coast CFAR
David Haas, TN CFAR
Harris Goldstein, ERC CFAR

12:00-1:00 pm


Lunch – in Café Dupont

1:00-1:40 pm


Session #5: Fostering CFAR-Community Partnerships: Strategies and Synergies

Co- Moderators:  Marcia Ellis, DC CFAR and Steve Dellinger, UAB CFAR

Lorenzo Cervantes, UW/Fred Hutch CFAR
Jeffrey Mazo, CWR CFAR
Lawrence Vinson, HU CFAR
Caressa Harding, UNC CFAR

1:40-2:20 pm


Session #6: Future Directions of the CFAR Program

Co- Moderators: Bruce Walker HU CFAR, Diana Finzi, NIH

Jared Baeten, UW/Fred Hutch CFAR
James Curran, Emory CFAR
Carl Dieffenbach, NIH
Warner Greene, UCSF CFAR

2:20-2:50 pm


Session #7: Updates from Newly Formed Inter-CFAR Working Groups

Co-Moderators: Chris Gordon, Stacy Carrington-Lawrence

Anti-retrovirals for Prevention (AFP): Kenneth Mayer, HU CFAR
HBCUs: David Haas, TN CFAR
Implementation Science: Brian Mustanski, Third Coast CFAR
Mucosal Immunology: Kent Weinhold, Duke CFAR
HIV/TB: Ronald Collman, U Penn CFAR

2:50-3:00 pm


Passing of the Crown, Cape and Scepter

Alan Greenberg and Patti Simon, DC CFAR
Carlos del Rio and Shelle Bryant, Emory CFAR

3:00 pm


Closing Remarks

Alan Greenberg, DC CFAR