The Development of Responsive Health Department HIV Data to Action Strategies through Community Engagement

November 1, 2019

Adam Allston, PhD, MPH, MSW and Brittani Saafir Callaway, PhD, MPH (DC Health) have been awarded a NIH CFAR Administrative Supplement titled, “The Development of Responsive Health Department HIV Data to Action Strategies through Community Engagement.” This project will address the “Respond” pillar of the nationwide Ending the HIV Epidemic (EHE) initiative.

The DC Department of Health (DC Health) utilizes surveillance-based interventions to target individualized HIV-related testing, educational, support, and outreach services.  Surveillance activities such as HIV partner services, data-to-care, and molecular HIV cluster detection and response provide important mechanisms for addressing the prevention and care needs of those living with or at-risk for HIV.  The benefits of these programs, however, must be weighed against several ethical challenges around the principles of respect for persons (autonomy), beneficence and nonmaleficence, and justice. These issues are particularly relevant given the history of stigmatization, discrimination, and racial/ethnic inequity associated with HIV in the U.S. This project aims to engage and work collectively with the community on these concerns to determine how surveillance-based public health interventions can be implemented in ways that are responsive to the needs and concerns of providers and clients. Ultimately, through meaningful engagement with the community, the project seeks to improve the acceptability and effectiveness of surveillance-based intervention strategies in reducing the burden of HIV among racial and ethnic minorities in the District including Black MSM, Black women, Latino MSM, and transgender individuals of color.

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