CFAR HIV Continuum of Care Working Group Publishes Third JAIDS Supplement

February 03, 2017

The CFAR HIV Continuum of Care (CoC) /Enhanced Comprehensive HIV Prevention Planning Project (ECHPP) Working Group has published its third JAIDS supplement, "Promotion of Academic-Health Department Partnerships to Conduct Research on the HIV Continuum of Care in the United States: The CFAR HIV Continuum of Care/ECHPP Working Group". This supplement, which was co-edited by Alan Greenberg, MD, MPH, Christoper Gordon, PhD and David Purcell, JD, PhD, describes the third series of studies to emerge from an initiative supported by the NIH CFAR Program designed to stimulate research among the CFARs around the HIV prevention and care continuum. It highlights the work of academic investigators from 7 cities, 4 of which include coauthors from local public health departments, to conduct research on the HIV continuum of care.

A study conducted by DC CFAR CPS Core Co-Director, Dr. Amanda Castel, and her colleagues is featured in the supplement: "Feasibility of Using HIV Care-Continuum Outcomes to Identify Geographic Areas for Targeted HIV Testing".  Dr. Castel's study aimed to determine the feasibility of targeted HIV testing in geographic areas, defined by continuum of care parameters, to identify HIV-infected persons needing linkage or engagement in care. 
The CFAR HIV CoC/ECHPP Working Group was initiated in 2011 to support HIV research by academic investigators in collaboration with their local Departments of Health. Building upon various models of collaboration that have been established between universities and health departments for HIV surveillance and prevention, the CoC/ECHPP WG worked to foster academic-public health partnerships throughout the CFAR network. The WG published its first JAIDS supplement in November 2013 and has held two National CFAR/APC Continuum of Care Meetings in November 2012 and February 2013. The second JAIDS supplement was published in May 2015.