CFAR ECHPP Initiative

Alan E. Greenberg, MD, MPH

August 09, 2012

The NIH-DC PFAP was initiated in 2008, and the DC D-CFAR was funded by NIAID in 2010. In the past year, numerous synergistic activities have been developed that are related to HIV and mental health research in Washington DC. The NIAID HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN) studies 061, 064, 069 and 065 (TLC-plus) have benefited by the PFAP staff involvement, including by the DC D-CFAR Director. The DC Cohort study is being conducted across numerous DC D-CFAR collaborating clinics and institutions. As a result of the DC D-CFAR mechanism, a $150,000 HIV and mental health and substance use RFA was issued jointly in late 2011 by the DC D-CFAR and the two DC CTSIs. Collaborations pertinent to the CDC ECHPP initiative led to a NIAID funded supplement implementing operational research activities at nine CFARs in collaboration with their local Departments of Health. Other activities include a DC D-CFAR investigator-led and PFAP-funded investigation of HIV and mental health and substance use service provision in DC; and the imminent formation of a DC D-CFAR Scientific Working Group on HIV and mental health that will be co-Chaired by an intramural NIMH investigator hired to support the PFAP initiative. This present request for supplemental funding would support both GW’s continued role as PFAP Secretariat and the initiation of several DC D-CFAR Scientific Working Groups; both of these activities will contribute to identifying and supporting HIV and mental health research that is integral to the PFAP and the DC D-CFAR.