Ali Talan, DrPH

Research Scientist, Whitman Walker Health
1377 R St. NW, Suite #200
Washington, District Of Columbia 20009
[email protected]

Current HIV/AIDS-Related Research Activities:

My current HIV-related research activities include acting as a Principal Investigator (R01-AI150502, PI: Talan, PI: Rendina) and Co-Investigator (R01-MH114735, PI: Rendina, Co-I: Talan; UG3-AI133674, PI: Rendina, Co-I: Talan; R21-MH121311, PI: Rendina, Co-I: Talan) to understand the virologic, immunologic, psychosocial, clinical and neurologic aspects of HIV while also providing insight into the associations between intertwining epidemics (syndemics) and HIV medication adherence and viral load levels. My research also aims to advance the knowledge of the effects of intersectional forms of oppression and stigma on the behaviors and clinical outcomes of both HIV-positive and high-risk, HIV-negative sexual and gender minority populations.