Social Networks and Health Workshop

Overview (from website): "Health and health behavior depend crucially on social networks. Both the spread of communicable diseases, such as HIV, and the diffusion of beliefs and practices that shape health behavior, such as dietary risk behavior, can be understood as network-generated health processes, operating over (sometimes very complex and dynamic) social networks. Despite the clear demand, network methods are rarely covered in the standard social-science methods sequences taught to health and health-policy scholars. This NICHD funded (R25) program is designed to help bridge the gap between research demand and training. We will provide an intensive week-long training program covering multiple dimensions of networks and health. We start with a core set of foundational courses that branch out to workshops specifically designed around skills needed for projects proposed by participants. The core courses cover network data collection and management, introduction to network concepts & measures, statistical modeling for networks, software and visualization tools. Workshop foci will depend on the substantive interests of participants. Significant time will be allotted to lab work to build hands-on familiarity with software."