Robert Furler, PhD

Assistant Research Professor, Department of Microbiology, Immunology & Tropical Medicine, School of Medicine and Health Sciences, The George Washington University
Ross Hall 528
Address: 2300 Eye Street NW
Washington, District Of Columbia
Phone: 202-994-3535
[email protected]

Current HIV/AIDS Research Activities:

  • I have two current research foci in the HIV/AIDS field. The goal of my first project is to learn how the accessory HIV protein Nef affects gene expression in primary human CD4+ T cells. Using RNA Sequencing and bioinformatics, my students are investigating differential gene expression caused by the Nef protein. My primary project however deals with investigating a possible link between HIV entry/exit and how HIV-infected cells are protected from cytotoxic effector attack. In addition to being a faculty member at GW, one of my major roles is Project Manager for the BELIEVE collaboratory, which has a defined goal of curing HIV by enhancing the cells from the immune system to target HIV-infected reservoirs.

Current HIV/AIDS Educational Activities:

  • Instructor & Facilitator for HIV Key Populations & Research Orientation; United Nations Population Fund-Middle East & North Africa Region (UNFPA-MENA): I am contracted with the United Nations to facilitate several orientations on HIV biology and the face of the epidemic in the Middle East and North Africa region. These HIV orientations are targeted toward UNFPA staff, local government officials, and key stakeholders in Djibouti, Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia, and other countries in the MENA region. The primary goals of this position are to educate the UN staff and civil society organizations about HIV/AIDS in order to implement programs pertaining to the United Nations Millennium Development Goal #6.