Methods Workshops and Seminars

Methods workshops and seminars provide education and training related to a particular method used in the conduct of social and behavioral research. Seminars usually involve a broad overview of a particular research method and are intended to acquaint participants with the basic features of the method and how it can be applied in research related to HIV prevention, care and treatment.

Workshops provide more intensive hands-on training in the use of a particular method.

Qualitative Research Methods Discussion Group

In collaboration with the Center for Health, Risk and Society (CHRS), the Core convenes a monthly qualitative research methods discussion group to provide opportunities for investigators involved in qualitative or mixed-methods research to discuss the methods and share strategies for addressing problems that arise in the course of conducting qualitative research. Discussion topics will include but are not limited to:

  • Logistics
  • Data management
  • Analysis
  • Dissemination
  • Role of the researcher
  • Ethics

The workshop provides a venue for discussing research in progress and new or relevant literature on qualitative methods and practice as well for developing networking opportunities and fostering research collaboratios.

Become a Member

Investigators interested in the discussion group should become a member if not already. All meetings are announced in weekly member updates.