Join us! Howard University DC CFAR Collaborative Lunch Seminar Series Featuring Dr. Goulda Downer, PhD, RD, LN, CNS, FAND

Please join us for our HU DC-CFAR Collaborative Lunch seminar on Wednesday, September 11th at 12:30pm in the  JL Johnson Room (Adams West room 2408) at the Howard University College of Medicine. Our speaker for this event is Goulda Downer, PhD, RD, LN, CNS, FAND, who is an Assistant Professor in the College of Medicine at Howard University. Her topic will be: "Howard University's HIV/HCV Prevention Program on HBCU Campuses Nationwide."
The Collaborative Lunch Series is a pilot program launched at Howard University to foster multidisciplinary collaborations and is now being expanded to include DC CFAR institutions. The purpose of this series is to go beyond a traditional seminar by focusing on techniques, samples, animal models and patient populations to foster cross-institutional and multidisciplinary collaborations.
We will have pizza available for lunch, but if you are unable to attend in person, we will have the meeting available via WebEx where you will be able to interact with other attendees as well as follow along with the powerpoint online.