Inter-Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) Faith Initiative Working Group 1st Annual Symposium

The Inter-CFAR Faith Initiative Working Group (FIWG) brings together researchers and faith/spiritual communities to conduct collaborative research that will contribute to reducing disparities in communities most heavily impacted by HIV/AIDS in the United States and around the world. This group is committed to global collaboration to promote the development of a robust research portfolio that spans the social, behavioral, clinical and basic sciences as they pertain to the CDC’s HIV Care Continuum Initiative to control the epidemic ( , as well as building a collaborative relationship between researchers, faith community leaders and patient advocates.  

The conference is designed so that at it's conclusion, participants should be to:

1. Refine the present FIWG research agenda based on the input from a broadened group of
experts and stakeholders.

2. Specify priorities for research action.

3. Organize subgroups to design a range of collaborative cross-CFAR projects.

For additional information or questions please contact:

Jaycee Budd at (585) 276-6496 or Catherine Bunce at (585)-275-5744