Hana Akselrod, MD, MPH

Dr. Hana Akselrod
Assistant Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases, GWU Medical Faculty Associates, George Washington University
Ste. 8-436
2150 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, District Of Columbia 20037
[email protected]

Current HIV/AIDS-Related Research Activities

  • Serving as the GWU Site Principal Investigator for the DC Cohort Longitudinal HIV Study.
  • Conducting translational research on the immunologic and co-morbid changes associated with aging among people with HIV.
  • Conducting epidemiologic research on the transmission dynamics of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections in Washington, DC.
  • Conducting interdisciplinary research on the impact of geographic factors on the care cascade and outcomes among people with HIV in Washington, DC.

Current HIV/AIDS-Related Educational Activities

  • Teaching about HIV pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and epidemiology in the GWU School of Medicine and Health Sciences.
  • Teaching of fellows, residents and medical students rotating through the inpatient and outpatient Infectious Disease service at GWU Hospital and MFA clinic.
  • Serving as a Clinical Public Health Mentor in the GWU SMHS curriculum on the community health needs of vulnerable populations.

Current HIV/AIDS-Related Clinical Activities

  • Taking care of HIV-infected patients in the GWU Medical Faculty Associates outpatient clinic as well as in the inpatient setting at the GWU Hospital.