George Kerr Pic

George Kerr, III

CEO, G III Associates
George Kerr is a nationally renowned community activist and grassroots non-profit executive who is a staple in the fight against HIV/AIDS in the Greater Washington DC Metropolitan Area for more than 21 years. Having honorably served his country in the US Navy for nearly 8 years, Kerr, now a decorated veteran, has taken the discipline, organizational skills, and administrative management experiences he learned from during his esteemed military career and transferred those assets to better serve the prevention and treatment service needs of District residents with admirable results. 
Mr. Kerr’s greatest achievement is the programmatic and service expansion of the START at Westminster (Syringe, Training, Advocacy, Resources, and Treatment) program. Under his stewardship, the START at Westminster program has served hundreds of active and recovering drug users—linking them to recovery, treatment and harm reduction services, offered seniors invaluable HIV/AIDS prevention education services, and provided HIV testing, counseling and referral to thousands of DC residents. Through his dedicated service and leadership, thousands of District residents have become aware of their HIV status, hundreds more linked to proper care, treatment, and support services for their disease management needs, and scores have collaborated with him to advocate on behalf of those that stigma has silenced.
Kerr has a long and committed history of effectively working with some of the most prominent health service providers in the District. Presently, he is an active member of the USCA 2015 Executive team of the host committee.  Trained and certified in HIV/AIDS prevention by the Washington Free Clinic and nationally recognized programs, including the American Red Cross, Kerr has taken those practical skills far beyond HIV facilitation, testing and counseling services. As the Operations Director and a Community Co-Chair for DC Fights Back, Kerr assisted with the establishment of community partnerships with such harm reduction allies as Prevention Works.
 George Kerr resides in Washington, DC