Director of the Clinical and Population Sciences Core: Princy Kumar, MD

June 01, 2014

After Princy Kumar, MD attended medical school in India, she spent her residency in New Jersey from 1985 to 1988, where she encountered the evolving AIDS epidemic in both New Jersey and in New York. Caring for HIV-infected persons ultimately propelled her to accept a fellowship in infectious diseases at Georgetown University where she felt she could contribute to their institutional mission to care for the whole person as part of their Jesuit tradition. “It’s important to me to care for the whole person. Not the virus. The person. That’s our mission here.”

Kumar’s passion for microbiology has always been, and continues to be at the forefront of her work. “That was my first love,” she says, “bacteria, viruses and antibiotics.” Now, she’s channeling that passion toward researching more tolerable anti-retroviral therapies, primarily integrase inhibitors, and is interested in how medications may affect patients differently based on their race and gender. “At heart, I am a clinician,” she says. “All my research is driven to help clinicians so they can better help patients.”

As the Director of the DC D-CFAR Clinical and Population Sciences Core, Kumar is focused on integrating epidemiology, biostatistics and clinical treatment, and is dedicated to inspiring a new generation of researchers to make progress in the fight against HIV/AIDS. “My role here is not just about my research, it’s about how I can help junior researchers achieve their research goals.”